A collaborative approach to store fit outs with Glassons

A collaborative approach to store fit outs with Glassons

It’s always a great feeling to work alongside a client through several different projects and establish a level of trust and reliability. We’ve created a longstanding relationship with Glassons and have been helping them to bring their stores to life across New Zealand for five years.

At the beginning…

Our collaboration first began in 2014 during a time when the store design industry was undergoing a transformation. Glassons were looking for someone new and exciting to work with and came across Datum Projects. Our first project with Glassons and Hallensteins was on their Hallensteins Queen Street store.

The difficult introductory project was completed in record time. “Datum rose to the challenge very well,” recalled Mike Odgers, Glassons Operations Manager. Since then, we’ve worked with Glassons and Hallensteins to bring their Australian designs and concepts to New Zealand shopping centres like Bayfair, Christchurch CBD, Palmerston North, and Newmarket (and we’re still busy working on several now!)

Adapting to change

When designing and putting together a store, Glassons are hugely involved in the process and are always leading the development. With evolving needs and requirements, it’s vital that they’re able to make changes throughout the fit out. Whilst these changes happen during every store build, Mike recalls a particularly fluctuant process when creating the Newmarket store. The concept for the store was tweaked two times throughout the build, meaning we had to stop and rethink three times before completing the fit out. The team handled the changes with speed and spirit, accommodating each alteration to finish the store on time and to the desired quality. According to Mike, this ever-changing project was no problem for the Datum team. 

A collaborative partnership

In such a long standing relationship, challenges like the Newmarket store are inevitable. However, constant communication and cooperation between Datum and the Glassons team has meant that all projects have been completed to a standard that Glassons are immensely happy with.

According to Mike, Glassons “keep coming back for more” mostly because of the collaborative approach Datum brings to projects and the constant delivery of timely and quality fit outs. Each project has been a great experience for all involved, and we look forward to continuing our work together in the future.