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For nearly a decade, Datum Projects have been making life easy for brands, consultants, and contractors alike. Born from a desire to work in a more client-centric and solutions-driven environment, founder (and active player in the company) Seth Gleeson leveraged his 25+ years of retail and commercial fit-out experience to launch a business focused on great people and great service.

Since then, what started with catering and shop fit-outs in the greater Auckland area has expanded to retail, commercial, hospitality, and medical fit-outs across the country – including award-winning and New Zealand-leading sustainable projects.

With a specialist team of experienced experts across various trades and a thriving in-house joinery factory, Datum Projects offers full-service solutions and advice on all aspects of the fit-out process. Our people care about doing an epic job because we care about our people – we like to surround ourselves by the best, so we give them awesome opportunities and treat them like family.

We’re damn proud to be recognised as one of the major players in the industry, with a reputation built on enthusiastic referrals and a legacy of always doing the job right. We’re efficient, innovative and service-focused. That’s how we make interior fit-outs easy.


seth gleeson

With over two decades in the industry, Seth has worked with some of Europe and Australasia’s most prominent retailers on his way to forming the formidable team at Datum. Following in his father’s footsteps in owning a shopfitting company, Seth oversees all project delivery – bringing a calm demeanour and top-notch problem solving to a fast-paced industry.

Seth Gleeson


With over two decades of prior experience in project management, Alan joined Datum in 2014. As though managing a number of projects at any one time and facilitating the teams that make these projects happen wasn’t enough, Alan’s experienced and unique touch includes an impeccable eye for detail and a commitment to quality.

Alan Greenwood

Project Manager

Michelle is one of the newest members of the Datum family, having relocated in mid-2018 from Johannesburg. Michelle has been in the business and retail fit out industry for ten years now and is loving the culture and work ethos at Datum. As a project manager, Michelle prides herself on her resilience and resourcefulness – attributes developed back home in South Africa.

Michelle Parkinson

Project Manager

Mike’s been in the shopfitting game “forever” – moving his way up from sweeping floors to project management over 18 years. Today, he brings to Datum that extensive experience and low tolerance for anything but the best – helping us make every project easy for clients.

Mike Goble

Project Manager
Adrian Donlan

Adrian brings years of management experience across multiple industries to Datum. His role is all about ensuring customers are happy, our people are happy, and the business is profitable – lining up the three to ensure we can weather any storm.

Adrian Donlan

General Manager

Jay’s run the gamut of the fit-out industry, having owned his own fit-out business in the UK and worked for another Kiwi commercial fit-out company before joining the Datum team. An experienced Quantity Surveyor, he’s also a qualified teacher and has a canny ability to understand not just project costs, but also people.

Julian (Jay) Hale

Quantity Surveyor

Sing has spent eight years immersed in the fit out industry, sharing that time between construction and retail. Although she has worked in full project manager roles in Malaysia, she’s focusing exclusively on the quantity surveyor aspect at Datum. This broad experience means Sing is great at analysing both the bigger picture and the smaller details.

Sing Hui Yong

Quantity Surveyor
James Lawson 2

After some time overseas getting more great experience to add to his tool kit, James is back with the Datum team. As a quantity surveyor, he helps clients ensure their projects are scoped and delivered accurately – time after time.

James Lawson

Quantity Surveyor

Joining the team when Datum set up its first factory, Barry’s responsible for the maintenance and remedial aspects of the work we do. Basically, it’s Barry’s job to make sure that everything we do is awesome, and stays that way long-term – and his communication skills and emphasis on perfectionism are second to none.

Barry Gill

Maintenance Manager

With more than 15 years’ experience and a real passion for health and safety, Tee is responsible for upholding our value of ‘safety first’. Coordinating onsite audits and meetings, first aid training, and all of our certifications, Tee takes our approach to health and safety standards beyond ‘just’ compliance.

Toaga (Tee) Taula

Health & Safety Manager
Grant Sumpter1

Grant has joined us as a newbie to shopfitting, but not to business finance. Throughout a long career of helping businesses grow their profitability, he’s worked in industries as diverse as timber exports and healthcare – so brings a wealth of expertise and passion to his role as Financial Controller here at Datum.

Grant Sumpter

Financial Controller

Starting as a cabinetmaker and joiner in the 1980s, Paul moved to residential building before finding his passion in shopfitting more than two decades ago. With Datum since 2014, Paul oversees everything produced in the factory – including scheduling, purchasing, design, construction, and logistics – and thrives on the challenge of short lead times.

Paul Rice

Production Manager

Joining the team in mid 2017 to run the factory, Mark’s spent over 20 years in the industry. Mark particularly enjoys innovating and finding fit-for-purpose solutions, and he’s driven by a desire for constant improvement, whether that be through training staff or streamlining our processes for even better customer delivery.

Mark Goodwin

Factory Manager

Jo takes care of our people, ensuring that everyone's working together to achieve great things as a team. As our go-to person for anything people-related, Jo is the magic that ensures Datum functions like a well-oiled machine.

Jo Gleeson

Human Resources Manager
Datum Projects

Dave just joined the Datum team as the go-to guy for our project managers, assisting them with admin and freeing them up to do more high level work. Not only does he work with council to apply for consents and certificates, he's also our resident project management system expert. Currently studying towards a construction management diploma, he looks forward to building his career with Datum.

Dave Wilson

Project Coordinator

Managing the office and doing the accounts means Ally has her fingers in many pies – and that’s just the way she likes it! Coming from an operations role in a fast-paced sales and marketing agency, she brings her epic multitasking skills and ability to stay cool under pressure to the Datum team.

Ally Timmins

Office Manager
Matt, Shane

The ‘devil is in the details’ – and even the grandest project depends on the success of the small components – which is why the role of our detailers is so important. Matt and Shane take concepts and turn them into working drawings ready for manufacturing – fuelling the creative projects Datum is known for.

Matt Sapir & Shane Perham



Your space is vital and affects the way you do business, communicate your brand and engage with customers, clients and staff. We understand that and are experienced in creating quality, tailor made areas that meet your individual needs.

Let the experts at Datum Projects help you to shape your unique space.