Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Section A – Accounts
1. Invoices will need to be received by the 10th working day of the month to be processed for payment end of month.
2. Any works carried out that are judged to be of an unsatisfactory level of quality will be back charged to the sub-contractor at Datum Projects discretion.

Section B – Purchase Orders

1. Sub-contractors must provide the Purchase Order number on all invoices, failure to do so may result in delay of payment.
2. Invoices exceeding Purchase Order amounts will not be accepted. Any variation must be invoiced separately and with heading “Variation”.
3. It is the sub-contractor’s responsibility to clearly define why a variation is a variation.

Section C – Performance
1. The performance of sub-contractors will be measured and rated on a regular basis. Datum project manager will measure quality, reliability, job duration, documentation (time sheets when required) communication and accuracy of quotation.
2. Any works carried out that are of an unsatisfactory level of quality will be back charged to the subcontractor at Datum Projects discretion.

Section D – It is the responsibility of the sub-contractor:
1. to ensure that all site-specific Health and Safety procedures are being followed, including but not limited to sign-in, correct PPE, attending toolbox talks, working in a safe manner, reporting any accident, incidents or near misses.
2. to ensure all works are carried out as per the latest set of plans. Please contact your Project Manager at Datum Projects immediately to request the latest set of plans.
3. to ensure all sub-contractors remove their own rubbish from site at the end of each day. Failure to do so may result in back charges to the subcontractor for the removal of rubbish at $100.00 + GST per hour.
4. It is the responsibility of all sub-contractors to ensure that they meet all onsite requirements, attend site inductions, and arrange deliveries in accordance with the specific site regulations and procedures.

Section E – Defects and Variations
1. A retention amount of 10% of the total invoice will apply until the client or shop/office owner has signed off all work that the subcontractor/trade was commissioned to perform.
2. All defects must be rectified within seven (7) days unless an extension of time is approved by Datum Projects. If defects are not rectified within seven (7) days, Datum Projects may initialize rectification to be carried out without further notice. All charges pertaining to the rectification will be back charged or credited against any outstanding invoices to the sub-contractor.
3. Goods and services provided, which are not included on this Purchase Order, will not be covered by Datum Projects, unless written authorisation has been provided by Datum Projects.
4. Variations need to be sent in writing to the responsible Project Manager prior to the commencement of work and are subject to approval by Datum Projects PM.

Section F – Client Communications & Customer Service
1. All communications required with the client must be directed via the nominated Project Manager unless otherwise specified by Datum Projects.
2. All sub-contractors must, at all times, provide the client with a high level of customer service.