Future-proofing 2degrees flagship Newmarket store

Future-proofing 2degrees flagship Newmarket store

The Datum team relished the chance to work on 2degrees’ latest store at Westfield Newmarket and create a light, airy space with innovative displays and a future-proof fit-out. Having worked with 2degrees on their Sylvia Park retail space, this was an opportunity to start from scratch on a store with a footprint around 4 times bigger than usual. And a chance for 2degrees’ Store Development Manager Brendon Lock to test the market with a new direction for a truly memorable customer-led experience.

With approximately 210 sqm to play with, the vision for the company’s flagship store was to be accessible, with well-displayed products that were touchable and interactive.

In the telco space, there are specific guidelines around how to display retail products, so the team had to take this into consideration when planning the fit-out. In conjunction with retail designers Spaceworks and 2degrees, Datum established the use and implementation of particular materials to provide flexibility – for the layout, store customers, and staff – and ensure the store was future-proofed to move with the changing technology of the business.

“We didn’t want to get locked in to fixed elements, such as four display podiums, and then need to add a fifth,” says Brendon. “So, it was important that, as our business needs evolve, the store is able to evolve with it.”


Leading the project was interior architecture firm Spaceworks, which had worked with Datum before. CEO Lizzi Whaley was confident in Datum’s ability to deliver to the brief. “We worked with Datum collaboratively on the design and manufacture, all the while making sure that the design was not excessive in terms of manufacturing costs. And if you look at market rates to deliver this sort of space, the outcome was incredibly cost-effective for the client. If we had just done the design first, then taken it out to the market, we wouldn’t have been able to do it for the same price.”


While the fit-out was designed to seamlessly engage with 2degrees’ brand colours, Brendon was also keen to build on the look to ensure the store remains ahead of the curve in terms of design and usability. New CCTV, and innovations such as heat mapping technology to discover where visitors stop, shop and interact, enable the customer experience to be enhanced. “Another consideration was around device security, and how we could display our products well, while adhering to our overall vision of clean, clear spaces.”

“Because we had so much space to work with, we really leaned into an all-new design,” he says, a process which developed quickly from initial conversations mid 2021 and culminated in the store’s grand opening in December that year.

“Despite working through a long Auckland lockdown, we were able to open to the public right on schedule, and as restrictions were lifted,” he notes proudly.


Brendon can’t speak highly enough of the Datum team and their ability to deliver an on time, high quality result in the face of big odds. “Nothing is an issue for these guys,” he says. “They are friendly and utterly professional. Having them on-site meant that any discussions to be had, or changes needed, were able to be implemented quickly. The calibre of work from Datum is outstanding; if there is an issue they will fix it no questions asked. And they also hold themselves accountable to their own exacting standards.”

As mentioned, the Newmarket store is not the only 2degrees fit-out the Datum crew has delivered. With the Sylvia Park retail store on the books as well, the on-the-job learnings from that project were able to be applied to the flagship development.

“The fit-out is complete, but the journey doesn’t end there,” says Brendon. “We are already planning our next space and will take learnings from what we’ve achieved so far, and keep asking what we can do the same – or differently – to support the stores into the future. We want to keep evolving, and working with Datum is a huge part of that.”

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and Brendon notes they have also seen a lot of interest in what they have achieved from other retailers who have popped in to admire the shiny new space. “We love the final result and there have been many comments on  the look, feel, layout and execution,” says Brendon.

Lizzi sums it up; “Datum are not just builders, they are an integral part of the design process, and also the value engineering of it. So, an incredibly valuable partner to have on board.”

Huge thanks to the team at Spaceworks and 2degrees for bringing us on board.