Putting the handy in handbag

Putting the handy in handbag

When Datum first signed on to fitout one of Colette’s stores, Colette was feeling a little wary… After not having the best experiences in New Zealand, they based the decision on price – but were needing to be impressed with quality and service. After dealing with our team, they felt confident that Datum could deliver a great fitout for Colette Manukau.

A tricky project with an extremely large and relatively complicated shopfront, we quickly had to cut back the floor slab and alter the bulkhead structure. Although the client supplied the majority of the joinery and finishes, we did have to spend an age in and out of their container deciphering what had been delivered! At the end of the project we coordinated the installation of frameless TV screens and mirrors on the shopfront column. It looks awesome, but created a few headaches along the way for sure!

Luckily, the team behind Colette were very happy. Lauren Susans, Project Manager for 4Retail (who take care of all the new Colette stores) shared that she found the Datum team “very informative; they always kept us in the loop.”

Lauren came over and visited the day before handover and, after meeting Steve and Bruce, she was really happy. She requested a few small changes to be made and “Datum jumped on getting those done.”

Prior to working with Datum, Colette hadn’t established strong relationships with shopfitters within New Zealand. After working with Datum, they were “able to build a strong relationship with the shopfitter while also knowing (they) had the best price with the best final outcome”.