Reinvigorating the Datum boardroom with Spaceworks

Reinvigorating the Datum boardroom with Spaceworks

At the start of this year we moved into our awesome new premises – and although the entry and main offices were nice, we felt like the vanilla boardroom was seriously letting us down. We didn’t worry too much about it – but then COVID-19 hit.

With so much more of our time with clients suddenly spent on video calls and conferencing, our boring off-white box of a boardroom needed some love. Not only did we want something more inspiring, we needed to better represent the company during our chats with clients on both sides of the Tasman.

To help us, we decided to bring in designers who huge amounts of experience in commercial interiors and an edgy design flare. Spaceworks was a no-brainer.

We called in Lauren Gibbs from Spaceworks (via video!) and she came back to us with a fresh concept that tied into some of the existing design features of the building and boosted the environment without overwhelming the space.

First up, Lauren put a big emphasis on lighting. Most boardrooms have a feature pendant or similar, and we wanted more light, but with a low ceiling we couldn’t do anything too bold. The result was a slimline fitting with an angled configuration that gives us some real character.

To help our walls stand out, Spaceworks developed a wall panelling design and suggested suspended greenery in the corners with timber elements, all tied together with that particular shade of Datum blue.

While we’ve been off-site during lockdown, we used the in-house team to make the designs a reality, including creating a custom planter to hang.

It’s proven a massive success, too! Every meeting we’ve had compliments from our clients – and our staff love the fact there’s a clean, bright space they can feel good in and feel good about representing the company in.

Kudos to Spaceworks for creating some incredible results. It’s been great to develop our own interior and take a brief from a great team of designers. Here’s to the next project!