Taking things to the next level: The Sylvia Park Galleria

Taking things to the next level: The Sylvia Park Galleria

We’ve once again had the privilege of working with Sylvia Park in Mount Wellington on their Galleria extension, a project four years in the making.

Mall owners Kiwi Property collaborated with architects and project managers Naylor Love on the development that, at 250 stores, makes Sylvia Park the largest shopping centre in New Zealand. Add to that more free carparks, great accessibility from train and public transport, and the upsizing and addition of new brands; the Galleria modifications have proven to be another big win for Sylvia Park. 

Working on prime stores

From Levi’s to Mi Piaci, Sunglass Hut to Majestic Tea and even the centre’s information kiosk, it was a pleasure to work on so many diverse projects across the Galleria with both new and recurring clients. We had great opportunities to showcase what we could do and work with the designers – and project management company Taylor Inc., who were really excited about elevating the shopping and dining experience at Sylvia Park.

Helois Elhers, Tailor Inc.’s Director of Delivery, said that the work has transformed the centre.

“The new addition has refreshed everything. All our tenants are very pleased with the modern and new look and feel.” 

Tailor Inc. specialise in commercial design, project management and property strategy nationwide, so it’s been their role to ensure that the stores were filled on time. Things were tracking well – especially given that there was a fully functional mall under a construction site. 

And then lockdown happened.

A few speedbumps

“COVID had a huge impact on our leasing ability. Quite a few Australian brands weren’t going to engage, and even locals were hunkering down. We’d envisioned a constant string of leases, but despite tremendous work, it completely stalled.”

As we started coming out of lockdown, however, and we took our first tentative steps back on site, Tailor Inc. were among the first to get the ball rolling – and fast, so the Galleria could open as soon as possible.

“It was fantastically managed by Naylor Love, who did an unbelievably good job. They were always ahead of construction, and all on time, even with later leases.”

The knocks to timing put the pressure on us too. As Tailor Inc. began filling shops, and more companies started to commit (seeing the great work we were all doing opening up again!), the demand for our time went up.

Stepping up

“There were time and financial constraints for some fitters – those who maybe bit off more than they could chew,” says Helois. “Seth and his team didn’t just complete some incredible fit-out work for their 11 stores – they stepped it up and helped these guys out to get stores to an opening standard, with graphics and signage.

“I’ve worked with Seth since 2012 as a contractor when I started on Sylvia Park. That relationship’s continued through several retail fitouts; because of our relationship, I know Datum are extremely reliable.

“They’ll flag any issues that they need help with; they won’t hide timeframes or issues. Their standard of delivery is exceptionally high. Their site managers are extremely good to work with (and there’s a few of them working hard on site).

“It’s always a pleasure and that’s why we’ll always recommend Seth. I definitely recommend them without a doubt to anyone.”

Thank you, Helois; the pleasure is ours!